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Operation Access -

Almost There!
Many thanks to the donors who 
have made this possible.

Estimated project cost: $56,500
Funds raised to date:    $51,500

We still need help to reach
our goal! 
Click here to donate now! 


Prefer to send a check? Please make it out to Pacificans Care, and put "PPCA Firehouse" in the Notes section. Mail to PPCA, PO Box 951, Pacifica, CA 94044.


The Firehouse looks great! Our new bathrooms are in and the days of clogged toilets are over. The bathroom work is finished and we celebrated at a grand opening on May 1. Thanks to Danny Estrella for his leadership!


But in order to pay for the last work, we still need your help. We could not have gotten this far without the support of our neighborhood, and you really did step up to the plate. But as with all home remodeling projects, the renovations cost more than anticipated and we need another $5,000 to pay the bills and ensure that the association has basic operating funds. PACIFICANS CARE IS WRAPPING UP ITS SPONSORSHIP MID-MAY. MAKE YOUR TAX-DEDUCTIBLE DONATION TODAY!


Donors  (as of 3-15-16)

Our friends at Pacificans Care, a 501c3 non-profit organization, have agreed to be our fiscal sponsor for this project. Your gift to support Operation Access made through Pacificans Care will be tax deductible.

William Amable III
James & Julie Arnaudo
Atkinson Foundation
Alfred Aya Jr.
Karl & Eileen Baldwin
Jerry Barrish & Nancy Russell
Beach Family
Timothy & Nancy Beeman
Dorothy Bolton
Sam Casillas & Andrea Masters
Olive Cerny
Gheeva Chung & John Peterson
Patrick & Mindy Clar
Sydney Clark
Greg Cochran
Denny & Karen Delk
Catherine & David Dwares
Enid Emde
Gary Emich
Danny Estrella & Lisa Warns
Bruce Ferry & Cherie Chan
Craig Gerek
Cathy & Mark Glenn
Joanne & Ed Gold 
Paul & Deborah Grech
Steven Hajnal
Jon & Sheila Harmon
Gary & Charlise Heiser
Breck & Anne Hitz

Ronald & Ila Homsher
Jeremy & Jen Hoover
Angela Howatt
Sarah & Steve Jain
Ginny & John Janes
Robin & Ginny Jaquith
Diane Jefferson
Bob Keating
Maria Kibblewhite
Daniel Kim
Jeannene & Bryan Kingston
Neil & Britt Kopping
Therese Langille & Philippe Roth
Carol & Donald Lauer
Claire Ervin Lee & Sherman Lee
George & June Lee
Kathy Long & Greg Hirsch
Barbara Lubben
Jason Lutes
Jim Louderback & Kimberly Risk
Lyons Family
Deb Lynch/State Farm
Bernadine Madronich
Darlene Mann & Cliff Reid
Kathleen Manning
Krista Markowitz
Billie Marks & John Burnier
Mike & Lori Martin
Carola Matyus
Christina & Dennis McDevitt
Andrew & Margo Meiman
Bonnie Miller

Peter & Carolyn Nielson
Michael & Gail Notmeyer
Patty Papeleux & Mike Vasey
Robin Park & Garly Hemling
Michael & Colleen Pauza
Pedro Point Creative
Pedro Point Surf Club
Lorrie Pendleton & Rick Rees
Ian & Laura Perdikomatis
Victoria Peterson
Leni Ramos & Ruthann Armstrong
Barbara Keating Reiker
Amelia Ryan Pritchard
Raymond Saraceni
Colleen Serafin & Jim Misener
Marcia Settel & Dave Gilson
Ketty Seymour
Peggy Shuen
Kathleen & Dan Shugar
David Skadeland
Gary & Alexandria Slippy
Thomas & Helen Spingola
Christine Stahl
Robert and Lynette Tang
Karen Thomsen
John Weathersby
Don & Meredith Wood
Shanna Yonenaka 


Built by volunteers between 1947 and 1953, the historic Pedro Point Firehouse has served as a heart of our community for generations. As a public social hall and gathering place, the Firehouse has brought neighbors together to share the joy and pride of living in this scenic coastside area for more than 60 years. However, after 60 years, the bathrooms needed major renovations.


The OPERATION ACCESS renovation project replaced and upgraded the existing restroom plumbing and electrical infrastructure as well as the converted the men's restroom to be unisex and ADA-compliant. Without these critically and urgently needed plumbing repairs, the Firehouse would have become unsuitable for use as a gathering place for social activities — the very purpose for which it was established.  And without ADA upgrades to the restrooms, we would have been unable to meet the needs of seniors and people with disabilities.

For additional information about Operation Access, please contact:

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