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              Pedro Point Firehouse Renovation Project  

                       Operation Access - Make a tax-deductible donation today!



As a resident of Pedro Point, you know what a unique part of the Bay Area we live in. We are very fortunate to be surrounded by beautiful natural scenery, and to live in a community where many of us know our neighbors and can easily share the joy of living here.

We are asking your help to preserve one of Pedro Point’s treasures, the Pedro Point Firehouse, our community hall.


SAVE THE DATE! On Sunday, December 6, we will have an event at the Firehouse from 3:30 to 7:30pm, featuring the Pacifica Historical Society's film about Pedro Point, a silent auction and drawing. The 30-minute film will be shown at 4pm and 6pm. Join us!


Operation Access
Preserve a
  Community Treasure

Built by volunteers between 1947 and 1953, the Firehouse maintenance has always been a volunteer effort. But despite the many volunteer work parties and efforts to preserve the Firehouse over the years, its original plumbing urgently needs replacing. The Firehouse is steadily rented for a variety of community events, and the old plumbing cannot meet the increased demand.

To address this issue, and to preserve the Firehouse’s historical and cultural value, the PPCA is undertaking a significant maintenance infrastructure project:  Renovating the restrooms and upgrading them to be ADA compliant.

Help Us Reach
  Our Goal!

This renovation will include replacing and upgrading the existing plumbing and electrical infrastructure as well as the converting the men's restroom to be unisex and ADA-compliant. Having an ADA-compliant restroom means the Firehouse will be a suitable venue to host government-sponsored events, as well as meet the community needs for all other public and privately hosted events and meetings.

Our goal: $50,000! And we're almost halfway there, having raised $24,500 to date. Help close the gap!


Pacificans Care has agreed to be our fiscal sponsor. Your donations are tax-deductible.


And if your employer offers gifts for non-profit projects, let us know! 



We Need
  Your Help!
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