The Pedro Point Field



Existing Allowed Uses:

The City of Pacifica's current Local Coastal Land Use Plan, Certified by the California Coastal Commission on March  24, 1980 describes the appropriate uses of this property, which is designed Commercial Recreation.

“The designated land use for this area is Commercial with emphasis on coastal related and/or visitor-serving uses.  By combining all of the parcels in the area between Danmann and San Pedro Avenue, Highway 1 and the railroad berm and developing them as an integrated project along a realigned San Pedro Avenue, this small, oceanside commercial center could be rejuvenated and expanded to become an attractive visitor destination, as well as provide for neighborhood retail needs "

"Small scale, rustic design and ample landscaping throughout the commercial development would complement the existing attractive design elements in the Pedro Point area.  Adequate public access through the development to the shoreline and a general orientation to coastal related/visitor-serving uses within the project would be appropriate in ·this location. Given these criteria, commercial use of this portion of the neighborhood is consistent with the following policies of the Coastal Act: 30212 (Provision of Public Access in New Developments), 30222 (Priority of Recreational/Visitor-Serving Uses), 30250 (Concentration of Development)."

The PPCA has been, and remains committed to ensuring that any new developments, and in particular, large-scale land-use changes, are sustainable and consistent with State Law.  The following table summarizes some of the likely Coastal Act violations inherent to the City's proposed Land Use Designation change.  We have a vision, compatible with existing land uses, for this critical parcel as a bridge between Pacifica State Beach, the Bay Area's only accessible beginner's surf break, the Pedro Point Headlands, and the Coastal Trail.  The Pedro Point Field can be a vibrant community lynchpin connecting emerging recreational commercial tourism and job opportunities that make use of existing environmental assets, and do not require paved areas and roofed buildings.  Examples of exiting opportunities which align with Pacifica's commercial needs and the environment include SparkSocialSF and Half Moon Bay Kayak Company.

A History of Neighborhood Comments Pertaining to Zoning Changes and Development in the Pedro Point Field

Historically, the Pedro Point Field was a wetlands owned by the Archdiocese of San Francisco.  In 1996 and 1997 this property was acquired in three private transactions by "Calson Ronald W", "Calson Ronald W & Sheryl W", and "Calson Ronald W & Sheryl W Trs."  for $550,000:  Ron Calson of RC & Associates in Millbrae has represented the Archdiocese of San Francisco in other real estate transactions.  The designated land use at the time of the acquisition was Commercial Recreation.  A change to this key parcel will severely impact the quality of life, coastal access rights, and property values of Pacifica's citizens and visitors to the Coast. 

AUGUST 2014 DOCUMENTS: In 2004, members of the community pooled their resources to hire an attorney to submit letters from experts citing deficiencies in City's General Plan Update and draft Environmental Impact Report.  The Proposed Land Use change did not pass, and the approved Land Use Designation remain Commercial Recreation.

General Plan Update

Imagine an outdoor, visitor-serving destination nestled between the Bay Area's most accessible surf break, four restaurants, and a community playground.  This is the Pedro Point Field.  The Pedro Point Community welcomes commercial recreational opportunities such as kayak and bike rentals, for-profit community spaces and outdoor events.

The Proposed General Plan Update proposes a land use change to encourage the development of high-density housing on this property.

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