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A Long History

The Pedro Point Firehouse is located at the south end of San Pedro Bay, also known as Pacifica State Beach. Its historic charm has been a drawing point for generations.


The Ocean Shore railroad brought the first influx of visitors to Pacifica. One of the last remaining stations sits across the street from the Firehouse.

View a wonderful video of the Firehouse's early days.

Community Gathering Place

It was the late 1930s when the residents and businesses of San Pedro Terrace-by-the-Sea and Shelter Cove formed the Pedro Valley Improvement Association as a way for the few full-time and weekend residents to fulfill the needs of bringing sewer, streets and other improvements to their rural neighborhood.

San Pedro Valley consisted of only a few ranch houses, the Sanchez Adobe and fields of vegetables, mostly artichokes. Because the Ocean Shore Railroad passed right through it, Pedro Point was slated to become the main residential and commercial area.

In this little enclave, a long distance from San Francisco over winding and perilous roads, the Pedro Point Improvement Association would also serve as the social hub for a community whose members depended on each other in many ways.

Community Builds Firehouse and Social Hall

In 1944 the residents pooled their money to purchase the first fire truck, a "little old pumper," and formed their volunteer fire co. With everyone on the same "party" telephone line, it was easy to notify the households when there was a fire emergency. During non-emergency times, kids on the Point would often get rides around the neighborhood on the pumper as the firemen checked their equipment and their territory.


In 1945, the 32 members of the association channeled their funds of $700 towards the building of the future Firehouse and Social Hall. All hands were needed to build the community hall and feed those neighborhood workers whose labor was unaided by power tools.The building was completed between 1949-1953.

On November 22, 1957, the area was incorporated with several other small towns along Highway 1 and became Pacifica.

The long-lived Pedro Point Improvement Association, renamed Pedro Point Community Association (PPCA), continues to operate the building, and works to include all residents in the celebrations and responsibilities of community life.


On the Beach
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