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Cinco de Mayo Potluck
Sunday May 5, 5:00 PM

Our Spring Potluck falls on May 5 - what a great opportunity to celebrate both the new season and Cinco de Mayo with with your neighbors.


For some extra fun, we are adding a mini Trivia Night portion after dinner, so bring along your smartest neighbors and family members and show off your trivia prowess! 


Bring a dish to share according to your last name:
A-I: dessert
J-R: appetizer or side dish
S-Z: main dish


Beverages (alcoholic and not) and basic condiments will be available. Please consider bringing your own plates and cutlery.


Movie Night
Friday, April 19, 6:00 PM

Next movie night is Friday, April 19. Watch for the Pedro Point newsletter, To the Point, for details.

Upcoming Movie Night dates:

May 10, June 14


PPCA General Meeting
Thursday, April 18, 7:00 PM


  1. Administrative Business (10 minutes) 

    • Call to Order and Roll Call

    • Approval of 1/18/24 Meeting Minutes

  2. Firehouse Manager Report (5 minutes report out; 5 minutes Q&A)

  3. Treasurer’s Report (5 minutes report out; 5 minutes Q&A) 

    • Balance Sheet, Income and Expenses through Q124

  4. Committee Updates (report out/Q&A)

    • Events (5/5)

    • New Neighbor (1/1)

    • Planning & Development (5/5)

    • 501(c)(3) Project (5/5)

    • Short-Term Rentals (10/5)

  5. PPCA Bylaws Project (5 minutes report out; 5 minutes Q&A)

  6. Firehouse Maintenance Report (5 minutes report out; 5 minutes Q&A)

  7. Board Elections (15 minutes)

    • Installation of new members and those continuing 

    • Vote for Executive Committee

    • Thank leaving Board Member

    • Recruiting Board Members

    • Participation on a Board Committee

  8. Community Comments; New Business (10 minutes)

  9. Adjournment

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